It’s a very good life indeed when you are able to slow down…really look at what’s been happening…and realize that all of your hard work is paying off…and you are living your dream…just saying.


One thought on “IT’S A VERY GOOD LIFE WHEN…

  1. Jane Myers says:

    It is amazing to me (as someone who has been very close to most of what has happened in Ontario, Oregon at the home of the Reeves Family) that things have progressed at the very rapid pace that they have. As a witness, I can assure anyone who reads this that none of this progress has happened without a lot of very hard work from both Tig & Nick and loving support from Bruno. What a team they are and believing as I do, I think all of the efforts have been blessed by a presence bigger than all of us.
    I am proud to say that I am the Mother, the Mother-in-law (of a most precious “Daughter) and the NaNa of my very special Granddog, Bruno.


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