Artist Biographies



Palette, Idaho

George  Gledhill attended Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. While in the Peace Corps, George spent time in Bolivia working with the people digging clay, making bricks and wood fire kilns. Upon returning to America, George attended Boise State and was a graduate assistant to John Takehara while earning a master’s degree in Ceramics. He has lived and created work in New York, Vermont, Colorado and since 1977 in Idaho. He has exibited regionally and nationally throughout the years.

George continues to experiment with Chinese and Japanese influenced forms and glazes. His main focus since 1966 has been wood fired ceramics with an emphasis on “natural” materials. His work, particularly his Tea Ware is highly sought after and collected internationally.

George currently resides in the Treasure Valley where he grows a large garden and spends as much time alone in his studio as possible. A gifted and reclusive artist who prefers solitude and dedication to his craft.



Ontario, Oregon

In addition to his wonderful tinted photography, Julio is a full time student at TVCC and a chef at a local restaurant.

His subject matter varies from architectural to landscape with a mature sensibility  of contrast, color and texture that is beyond his youth. He is truly gifted.



Fruitland, Idaho

Pam Grant paints primarily in water media, mostly abstract of landscapes and figures. Although she has lived in New York, Colorado, California and Washington State, she has now returned to Fruitland, Idaho where she grew up

Pam recieved Her BFA from Boise State and has exhibited her work throughout the country.

Pam is a member of the Idaho Watercolor society, the Nampa Art guild and the Tresure Valley Artist Alliance.



Ontario, Oregon

George Nicholas Reeves was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and raised in Hamilton, Montana until his family moved to Portland, Oregon. He recieved a Bachelor of Arts degree from Connecticut College and furthered his studies of studio art with an emphasis on ceramics.

In 1987 he moved to Seattle, Washington and worked as a studio assistant for ceramics artist Will Richards. During this time George created his own ceramic sculptures and was shown in Fireworks Gallery and Bainbridge Arts and Crafts. He moved back to Portland in 1994 and displayed mixed media works at the Elizabeth Leech Gallery as well as American Contemporary Crafts in Clevland, Ohio

George is currently living in Ontario, Oregon with his wife, and continues to create eclectic works. As well as operating Garden Gallery Inc. he is also the head gardener.



Ontario, Oregon

Jill Miller is a painter and musical composer. The impressionistic use of color and texture echos the masters while staying uniquely her own.

Garden Gallery is happy to offer two numbered prints.



Boise, Idaho

Sue Rooke is a ceramic artist who lives and teaches in Boise Idaho. She has exhibited her work for over 40 years throughout North America and can be found in significant private and public collections. This is what she has to say about her art.

“My particular interest is in how content can be expressed through gesture, asymmetry, distortion, size and color. I want my works in clay, both serious and humorous, to tell a story and initiate a dialogue with the viewer.”

We are truly blessed to be able to represent such a wonderful and renowned artist.



Whimsey Glitterware is made EXCLUSIVELY for Garden Gallery. The artist behind Whimsy wants to stay anonymous due to her glitter supplier. Namely the pixies of the beautiful Oregon rain forest.

These glasses SPARKLE. They are hand washable and we are happy to be able to offer custom orders on these. The turn around time is about three weeks on custom orders.

These glasses would be a beautiful addition to a special wedding, bachelorette party or 21st birthday.

Release your inner rockstar (or drag queen) and add a little sparkle to your life.



Vale, Oregon

When Nathan was a sophomore at Vale High School, the wood shop acquired 2 mini-lathes. With no instruction other than a DVD, he taught himself to make these outstanding pens.

Nathan has paid for two trips to Europe through the sale of these pens. He will be attending Oregon State University in the fall of 2015 and hopes to partially fund his education with his amazing woodworkin skills.



Deportlandia, Oregon

Kimi Boylan is a mixed-media artist and author who lives just outside Portland,Oregon.

Kimi was placed in the Mount Saint Joseph’s Orphan Asylum and Home for Delinquent Children when she was small, and there she stayed until she was 18. Just as in childhood Kimi is currently facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles with her usual dignity, grace and punk rock humor. She describes her art as “cathartic creations” and each piece is a a mini-world which invites you into her imagination.

The use of imagery and found objects, as well as thought provoking quotes, makes Kimi’s work stand out.

Garden Gallery is proud to have the largest collection of Kimi Kitsch in eastern Oregon.



Ontario, Oregon

Cheriann Reeves was born into a large family where creativity was nurtured and encouraged. While growing up in Portland, Oregon in a home filled with amazing works of art and music, mostly created by family members including her internationally known Tuba Master Grandfather, John Richards, a Payette Idaho native. While not formally trained, she discovered and developed her own unique artistic voice amid her hypertalented family.

Exploring a wide range of mediums and styles, Cheriann considers herself “artistically schizophrenic”. Her current work focuses on paintings that run the gamut from child like innocence to spiritual reverence.

Cheriann has participated in many “gorilla art shows” in Portland and Los Angeles. She has also displayed work at galleries in Portland, Seattle, Austin and New Orleans.

She is co-owner of Garden Gallery Inc. in Ontario, Oregon with her husband George.


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