I like to to think of this time of year in the garden as a Penn & Teller rehearsal, an opportunity to to look at what’s working, what’s not, make adjustments and decide what to add.

While we wait for the snow we discuss what variety of tomato we liked best,(Black Cherry, Arkansa Traveler, and Pineapple will definitely be back!) and how many plants we really need. Do we want to move the rhubarb…again, or do away with it and plant more melon.

We get about 90% of our produce for the year from the garden, so these decissions are kind of important.

While the garden might look empty right now there is a lot going on. The Goji Berry plants are talking root for spring sale as well as 6 different kinds of mint and many other perennial herbs. We spend time every day in the garden, even now, looking for bare spots…places to tuck new little treasures.

Today, go out to your garden and take a look, make your dream list and come see us in the spring!